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Blankets are usually one or two pieces of fabric sewn together around the outside edge.  There is not a third layer of “batting” (a blend of cotton and/or polyester intended to add substance and stability to the blanket).  Blankets are generally soft and pliable, a joy to cuddle with or add warmth to a chilly evening.  Blankets may be washed and machine dried frequently and their lifespan consequently shortened somewhat.  Memory blankets, though, may be just what you’re looking for.  A way to cuddle and enjoy memories while snoozing on the sofa, picnicking in the park, or other everyday activities. 


Quilts are made up of three layers:  the backing, the top, and a layer of batting in between.  They are then quilted with a design that lightly connects the three layers (the quilting).  This is generally accomplished by the use of a very large sewing machine called a longarm.  These machines are generally around 8’ wide and 10-14’ long.  A quilt, in this case, a T-shirt quilt, will probably have the T-shirts artfully surrounded by a beautiful 100% cotton fabric and are surrounded with a coordinating or matching border.  The backing, batting and top are then put together and quilted with the longarm to secure and stabilize the entire combination.  Because t-shirts are generally made up of knit fabric or even athletic nylon fabric, the shirts will be stabilized by the addition of an interfacing covering the back side of each shirt.  This interfacing is a woven cotton and will remain secured for the life of the quilt.  It will not break down with repeated washings.  Quilts can be cuddled with, hung on the wall as home décor, used as a picnic spread, or whatever your heart desires.  Quilts are made to last for many  years!  A memory t-shirt quilt will bring joy to its owner for generations to come.



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