Missing in action again, I know! It’s costume time around here again. Just can’t get away from my 20 year history of making costumes for drill teams. Do you suppose that might be because my favorite, and only, daughter is a drill team director? Makes it “Hey Mom” time again!

Sitting here going through emails this morning I found my newsletter from The Quilt Show. I have really gotten attached to the shows and tutorials on their website. Most are member only (worth the fee in my opinion), but today on their newsletter was a link to a tour of Superior Threads. Wow, I was really impressed with what goes into making a pre-wound bobbin! Never again will I complain about the price of each bobbin. I think you can watch this video even if you are not a Quilt Show member. Do take the time to watch it!

I had some fun with a guild challenge last month. I love using and learning new techniques so this was a pleasure. We were asked to portray our idea of summer fun. I got a chance to try out what I learned from an online Quilt Show class, the faces, and blended those with summer flowers made with Derwent intense pencils, Prisma colors, and embellishments. Then learned some of the ins and outs of stamping! What fun! Here’s a picture, before the binding.



Have a great weekend and

Bee Happy! Karen

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