Trash dresses and dinosauer quilt

Well, missed posting last night but did enjoy dinner out with my daughter and son-in-law, even if it did result in another costume assignment..sigh!

Finished Debbie’s Dino quilt yesterday.  It is such a boy’s quilt,complete with 3 dimensional dino parts.  I quilted it all over with the cutest edge t edge design depicting all kinds of dinos.

Had to stop playing and quilting today.  Just too much dust and junk laying all over the house so I dedicated the day to house cleaning and laundry.  Well, at least I can ignore those tasks .  for a few days.  This weekend should be fun.  Hopefully I will have lots of pictures for you.  My grand-daughter Meagan and I will be making six different dresses out of trash!  Should be interesting.  Lets see…toilet paper rolls, bubble wrap, newspaper, soda cans etc.  Here we come!  Stay tuned

Meanwhile, BE HAPPY!

dino 1
dino quilt
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