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Tip Toe Thru The…..Puddles!

Well, I got what I asked for.  It really rained today and my backyard, which usually drains well, has standing water.  Now, that does present some entertainment value.  My dogs HATE to get their feet wet.  So, want to take bets on how long a dog can hold it…  Finally my big boy, Champ, just couldn’t wait any longer and out he went, tentatively.  No, the little piece of grass next to the sidewalk wasn’t big enough, so, there he goes, tip toe, tip toe, all the way out, stops, shakes his feet, one at a time, does his business, and then again, tip toe, tip toe.  Gosh, I bet that’s the only time he goes out all day – way too much stress!!

LONG ARM FOR THE DAY  Since I don’t like to keep my machines running during a storm I did’t accomplish much today.  Finished one more costume (forgot the picture) and the second of Isabelle’s grandsons quilts.  I did get a picture of that while it was still on the longarm.

NEW WEBSITE  I did manage to get my business website up and running today.  Take a look if you have time.  It still needs lots of work and I have picture loading issues there as well as here, but, hopefully I’ll get it figured out before too long.  Meanwhile visit     I have put a permanent link to it on this blog.

COLORING QUILTS WITH PENCILS…Well it’s Thursday again and time for a new technique.  Tomorrows project and technique for the week will be working with colored pencils.  You will be surprised what intense colors you can get and just how much it can add to a quilt.  Until then…BE HAPPY!


Bright and Cheerul quilted in a mix of pick-up trucks and sports balls

Bright and Cheerul quilted in a mix of pick-up trucks and sports balls

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