Well, I finally got Rocky, my oldest Boxer to stay put long enough to get his picture taken. He is the Alpha dog (don’t tell Caitlin) and the oldest of the bunch. Have you ever had a dog with OCD…Rocky is a prime example. He has a dog door leading to a very large back door. When he goes out he must hit the door three times before exiting and another three times before coming back in. He used to do that all of the time but gives himself a break occasionally now.

The trash dress project didn’t turn out quite as bad as I thought. Meagan just wanted a base dress made so that she and her girlfriends could attach “trash” to the dresses at the school Girls PJ Choir party. Actually sounds like a pretty neat project! We have enjoyed making them. Most are made out of dance (stretch) fabric so were really easy to put together. Tried to talk her out of the patchwork one, but, as you can see, she won.

Quilted two king size quilts with an all over design the last couple of days but packed them up without taking pictures…sorry.

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