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State of the Cutting Table!

Isn’t it always fantastic to have a really large cutting table?  Mine nearly takes up a whole room in my house.  My great SIL and his dad built it for me a few years ago for a Christmas present.  When he asked if it could be 6″ bigger I didn’t realize he was talking about adding 6″ on all 4 sides.  Wow, it’s big!  When I often use rolled fabric and make costumes for my daughter’s dance team, it is really handy.  It, other times, becomes a great “holder” for my UFO’s and various equipment.  Luckily it slides on my floor very easily I can actually scoot it around on the floor to make more room.

DSC_0012 (2)

Yes, this is all in a 12′ x 12′ room.  Works for me though.  Look at the positive, everything is within reach.  The whole 8′ x 8′ table is covered by an interlocked cutting it!

Happy Quilting…Karen

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