Quilt Hugs Needed!

I am so impressed with Snowball Express, an effort to show love and support to surviving family members of our fallen.  Quilters definitely are there for our troops but I have long been concerned that we are not always there for the families they leave behind when they give their life for our country.  I wanted to share this U-Tube video with you.

So many moms, dads, wifes, husbands, and children have to face the grim reality of never seeing their loved ones again.  These people need quilty hugs!  Quilts of Valor has served our returning vets for many years and do a really admirable job!  Lets not forgot those gold star families!  If you know of any group that is organized with quilts for these families, please let us know.  I would love to join in, even organize, if others are willing.  I know there are so many causes, horrible flooding, refugees, vets from many eras, but there are families we can’t forget!  Families that have given everything for our freedom.

Blanket Ladders????   Check out the search engine on ETSY, only you have to use the word “blanket”….  Oh well, there are some very nice Quilt Display ladders to be found there.

Green thumb..not me  

Just wanted to show you a pic of the gorgeous blooms on my Christmas Cactus, gifted by a good friend.  It is filling with blooms and is absolutely fantastic.  So glad it is a cactus and doesn’t take much care..I am so bad!

incredible cactus blooms

incredible cactus blooms

Happy Quilting…Karen

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