My New Friends

second visiting ladybug

Meet Lila!  She is the second ladybug visitor in the last couple of days…upstairs! second visiting ladybug

I call him Charlie!

I call him Charlie!

Charlie was running scared around my street when I left for the soccer game on Sunday.  Late at night Charlie was still running.  I opened my car door and in he jumped.  I can’t believe someone is not looking for him.  He is incredibly sweet.  I checked with the local vet (of course, no chip or collar), the City and County Animal Shelters  no one is looking).  I just don’t understand how people can be so cruel to defenseless animals.  Charlie needs a home badly.  I already have 3 rescue boxers and the city doesn’t allow any more animals.  So sad!


Scrap project

Here is my latest project.  I am determined to get my scraps under control.  Here I am sorting a box of 2 1/2″ squares into colors – just trying to make sense of them.  When I complete that task I will use my Sizzix Die Cutter to work my way thru the two huge baskets of scraps I have accumulated.  They are overflowing onto the floor and something has to be done!


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