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Recently returned from a great show in Manchester, New Hampshire.  This trip was not in the plans but an opportunity presented itself and, well, when does a quilter turn down a great opportunity to smooze with other quilters.  Of course we left the spring heat of Houston and headed to a somewhat snow-covered Boston and Manchester area.

I have to admit, these next two pictures are still making me chuckle.  The first is a picture of an elevator I had to opportunity to push the buttons on.  Makes you wonder just what the BS button was really meant for.  The obvious answer was Bus Station since that’s where the elevator stopped, but sure does make you wonder.


Well now, this is in an elevator in Manchester, New Hampshire…BS ????

The second, and even more amusing thing we found was on the menu at an Italian restaurant, and NO, I didn’t try it!  Read the Cinghiale under Plates.  The waiter assured us it was incredible and very tender!


Happened to be traveling along with other friends, most from the Houston area and Linda, from Sante Fe, New Mexico.  Had a great time and learned so much I can’t wait to apply to new quilting adventures.



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