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Leisurely Sunday of Quilting

Boy this was a lazy Sunday.  Some sun here in Houston but mostly cloudy skys.  It has been nice though, probably upper 60’s, lower 70’s.  I spent most of the day playing with a machine applique block that has been laying on my worktable for a couple of months.  I also finished up a quilt belonging to Sandy K.  It s so cute, a casual baby quilt with lots of applique and hand embroidered cats and dogs.  I have attached pictures of the whole quilt and some close-ups of the blocks.  Check out the quilted border – I thought the houses looked great as an accent to the houses in her blocks.  I will give it to her on Tuesday – hopefully she will be thrilled.

This week is scheduled to finish up the solo costumes for my daughter’s dance team and hopefully make a big dent in the team modern dresses (27 of them) that she needs.  I also plan on getting back to my Adobe Illustrator for Dummies book.  I have to learn this program!!!

Enjoy the week and, most of all, BE HAPPY!


house 1
house 2
house with umbrellas
quilted house border
Sandy K quilt


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