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Boring………………… Why not???

Officer duet

Officer duet

Working on learning Adobe Illustrator – boring!!!!  Well, why can’t they write these guides so that you wouldn’t fall asleep every other page.  Lets see…

“As Illustrator is brought to life the screen is haunted by a dark enclosure, surrounded by alien artifacs foreign to the eyes of it’s beholder.  Silently the signs of filters and plug-ins become more and more apparent.  Colors are brought to the forefront, masking shapes shadowed in the background.  The being in search of knowledge crosses the Adobe bridge, navigating to the cache in order to free up space for the encrypted files….   


Oh well, not much quilting went on today.  I did finish more costumes.  The one pictured here is actually part of a duet – Until later…BE HAPPY!

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