Costume for Dance Duet

Costume for Dance Duet

Well, worked on dance costumes for my daughter, Stacey’s high school dance team today.  I have about a dozen solo and duet costumes to do and one team dance.  Things are good though.  This is a new school for her and she has a very small team, only about 27 members.  The last 18 years or so she has taught at a school with 60-240 students dancing.  Soooooooooooooooooo, 27 costumes in NOTHING!!!   Here is one of the costumes, part of a duet.  Looks pretty strange on the maroon body!

Finally got the Quiltville Easy Street on and off of the longarm.  It just needs the binding put on and then it’s finished.  A real quilt that I made for me…wow!  It should look great on the guest bed!  Well, I have a long quilt guild meeting tomorrow.  Hopefully I can get something exciting in during the evening.  In the meantime…BE HAPPY!

Easy Street in Progress

Easy Street in Progress

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