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We Quilt Your Masterpiece

Hello, to my quilting guests.  My name is Karen Shively, and I LOVE quilting!!!  Each and every quilt that I quilt, I want it to be my best, and I treat it as if it was my own.  In short - I WANT TO MAKE IT SPECTACULAR!


I own an Intelliquilter on my APQS Millenium longarm and love to combine both the precision of computer quilting and the artistic ambiance of freehand quilting.  

I love doing everything from all over designs to the most intricate heirloom quilting.  Along with being an experienced quilter, I feel that good equipment is imperative to the production of fine quilting!

I love to design the quilting, especially for your quilt and it's recipient.  Personalizing the quilt with the quilting is my specialty.  

Award Winning


Published Quilter


Center Stage

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